Launching groundbreaking 3rd world artists to the NFT space

The NFT art space is currently missing the best artists due to global asymmetries.

NU NFT is an initiative — soon to become a full-fledged DAO — founded by Brazilian artist and curator Hugo Faz. We are working with groundbreaking 3rd world artists from marginalized minorities — whom the NFT space hasn't been able to onboard yet due to language, tech or cost barriers — in order to bridge the above gap.

-> educate -> onboard -> incubate -> sponsor -> launch -> promote -> multiply ->

Initially, we are curating, onboarding and sponsoring talented photographers, visual and multidisciplinary artists, launching their genesis NFTs on prominent NFT marketplaces and presenting their work to the web3 community. The artists are guided and oriented about the NFT space and as their first pieces are sold, they have a solid base to independently mint and promote their NFT art.

100% of NU NFT proceeds are reapplied to expanding this positive cycle by curating, incubating and sponsoring original artworks by creators with proven talent and artistic track record but yet unreleased in the NFT art market, as well as collecting from other promising 3rd world artists who are starting in the NFT space.

The NU NFT Genesis Collection

Besides working with trailblazer 3rd world artists who currently couldn't represent themselves in the overwhelmingly English-only nascent NFT market, our artist roster is also exclusively composed of women, bipoc and LGBTQ+ artists.

Our artworks have been collected by prominent collectors such as Punk 6529 and Playboy. Visit our Founding Collection on the Cyber gallery or check out our currently available Genesis mints and splits on Foundation. All of NU NFT's share of the proceeds go to foster more such artists and fund the growth of the initiative: we are developing our own smart contract and establishing the base for an upcoming DAO.

Jhen Scalco

Free woman, artist soul, empathy first, ruled by affections. Leo zodiac, lion hearted. Multi award winning photographer, visual artist and ecologist Jhen Scalco uses photography as a means of expression and has in the human element the base of her work, self-portraying and portraying other humans.
"I photograph to materialize the madness".
Her work is charged with symbology and affectionate meaning, drawing a high dose of intimacy over a fine line between fiction and reality in an oneiric and delicate atmosphere.

Hugo Faz

Cutting-edge performance art permeates Hugo's 10 year body of work in photography and filmmaking, whether portraying the Brazilian queer art scene and its personalities, making censorship-defying artistic statements or via the creation of expanded-body personas, through which the artist immerses himself in themes of body, identity, human and human-machine relationship, bio/necropolitics and crypto.


DUDX (Eduardo Araújo Silva) have made their body the starting point for plastic, spatial, digital and textual creations. Mixing their experience in butoh, clown, contemporary dance and improvisation with painting, sculpture and material installations, DUDX raises political, gender and ethnical provocations by developing life-transfiguring non-binary experiences permeated with social marker symbolisms, inverted ethos and hybrid mythologies.

Paulo Biagioni (Steven B)

Paulo Estevão Biagioni is a queer illustrator, screenwriter, game designer and art director whose creative works range from children's books and short animated films to dark-themed stories and body art. Coming-of-age, identity, sexuality and political narratives are mixed-in by fantastical, simultaneously down-to-earth and allegorically supernatural characters in his dramaturgical creations.

Rony Hernandes

A promising 24 year-old award winning creative photographer whose potent and extremely sensible work has been published by Afropunk, Cult, Domestika and more, Rony uses light and body expression to convey emotion, aiming with his work to give due representation and empowerment to afrocentrism and speaking of identity, belonging, movement, exchange, and feeling,

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